Over 7 years we help companies reach their Digital marketing and Real Estate goals. REXTENT is a values-driven technology agency dedicated.



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Real Estate Services

Preforeclsoure, Probate, Eviction, Divorce

Foreclosure, Tax Deed

Ownership finding with their email, Phone numbers and other contact info.

ReXtent Real Estate Services

Commerical, Residential, Structure Fire

Property info, Ownership and Contact info and anything you want.

Do it manually by our Human Intelligence.

REXTENT LLC works with Real Estate last 7 years with various type of work. Like as Real Estate Lead Generaton, Skip Tracing, Research etc. 

We offer our client to do any type of research task of real estate by our experts. There we have almost all state works experience with Research, Database making and Skip Tracing. If you are looking for a Database of specific categories(Like as Vacant, Absentee, Pre-Foreclosure, Probate, Eviction, Divorce, Tax Deed or any type), You are in the best place now. Just send us a message, Our expert will do any of your task immediately. 

Fore Skip Tracing- Our Human Intelligence does it manually. Normally a Real Estate Agent, Brooker, or Investor needs to get a database for their cold caller for calling. But the main issue is that the best quality database. Many agents or investors working with various types of property. Like as Cases- Preforeclosure, Probate, Eviction, Divorce or Foreclosure & Tax Deed, Fire Damage Property, Absentee or Vacant property. 

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Property Database

We can make any type of properties Database for you. If you are looking to make a database of Commercial properties, Absentee, Vacant, Pre-Foreclosure, Probate, Eviction, Divorce, Tax Deed, or any type of categories properties list, You are in the right place now. Just message us with your requirements. Our expert will do it accurately with any county or Zip code or state-wise. 

Just talk with us or send an email or chat with us, We’ll provide you every day’s Fire damaged properties info from any states or counties .

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Skip Tracing

REXTENT LLC offers you to do the Best Skip Tracing services. Our experts do it manually and using multiple sources. So our Phone numbers and email address get the maximum hit rate. 

On the Skip tracing services, We’ll give you the Current Mailing address, Cell Phone Numbers, Landline Numbers, Email Addresses, Tax, and Loan amount. 

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